Why a plastic pallet?A plastic pallet is more durable than a wooden one. They are easier to keep clean, can be washed and disinfected without any problems, and thus effectively eliminate the risk of mold and do not rot, making a plastic pallet an attractive alternative not only in manufacturing companies or warehouses, but also in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
DurableA plastic pallet is more durable than a wooden one
recycledWe introduce plastic pallets and recycled containers to the Polish market
CleanlinessThey are easier to keep clean and can be washed and disinfected without any problems
EwelPlast sp. z o. o. is a manufacturer of EURO plastic pallets.Our pallet was designed by our company from scratch, which resulted in a positive patent report.Thanks to our project, we “slimmed” the pallet to a weight of 14 kg, without losing the dynamic load capacity – 1250 kg, the static load capacity – 6000 kg and the load capacity on the rack – 1000 kg.
The company’s history


Establishing a family transport company.


We plan to create a second branch of the company to meet market demand.


Registration of the EwelPlast company


We are creating the future of ecological pallets.

Our headquarters


EWELPLAST sp. z o.o.

Office: Phone. +48 603 60 60 62 biuro@ewelplast.pl

Production department:

Radosław Lipski tel. +48 609 774 722 radoslaw.lipski@ewelplast.pl

Accounting and settlement department:

Ewelina Maj-Cieślak tel. +48 724 607 070 ewelina.maj-cieslak@ewelplast.pl

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